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profile laminating machine 83-BLM-616

This  model  variation  is  developed  for  laminating  of  wide boards and windowsills with PUR Hot Melt glue.
With  the  machine  profiles  made  of  plastic,  PVC,  wood, metal and aluminium can be coated with foil and lamination films as roll product can be coated continuously. The  highly  loadable  mechanical  version  guarantees  a  long life. The machine is equipped completely and the high quality  standard  of  the  end  product  is  reached  by  many details.  The    continual    check    of    the    adhesive  temperatures    always  enables  a  check  of  quality  and reproducibility of the process. The synchronization control of adhesive supply and primer pump to the production speed guarantees  minimum  primer  and  adhesive  use  among highest quality of product.
The  FUX  exchangeable  cartridge  system  of  the  whole pressing zone enables shortest changeover times.

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