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Profile Feeder for Profile Laminating Machines and Seal insertion machines

The AUTOMATIC INFEED ROBOT was developed to feed wrapping systems directly from the profile rack for the first time without having to manipulate the profiles manually.
In combination with the new 83-SAM-327 profile wrapping machine, nearly continuous production with extremely short set-up times is possible.
Optical profile detection ensures that inaccurately layered or slipped profiles are also detected.

The laminating machines of the PLM series as well as the gasket drawing-in machines achieve a high degree of automation with automatic profile infeeds and outfeeds. It makes sense to always combine automatic profile extractors with an automatic separator. Furthermore, two machines can be fed by one operator if a special feeder is used.

With the automatic profile feeders, one machine operator can feed two laminating machines as well as seal insertion machines.

The FUX profile infeed and outfeed systems are optionally available for FUX profile processing systems. The FUX feeding systems can also be retrofitted to third-party systems.

Shorten your set-up times and increase your production with the new automatic systems from FUX.

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