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Profile Laminating Machine 83-CLM-327

This model variation provides the ideal start for laminating with PUR hot melt system. With the machine profiles made of plastic, PVC, wood, metal and aluminium can be coated with foil and lamination films as roll product can be coated continuously.
The machine base frame with single side fixed drive shafts is ideally suited for complex profile geometries. 20 shafts driven by axle gears every 250 mm. Speed rollers Ø 240 mm.
The machine is equipped compactly, therefore a good quality end product can be achieved. The well controlled dosage of the adhesive by nozzle and primer enable a high efficiency.
The new nozzle 317 consists of extremely hard special steel and is very easy to maintain. With the Easy-Clean System a fast cleaning and exchange of piston is guaranteed. The control of the glue application in g/m² is done fully automatically.
The exchangeable bars system of the whole pressing zone enables shortest changeover times.

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