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Profile Bending Machine 33-PB-00

This model variation is designed for fast accurate line production but is also suitable for single-piece production. The highly loadable mechanical version as well as the big table enable the production of a wide range of arches.

The Power Oven has a large volume. Energy-saving construction, optimum temperature control and the simultaneous heating up of 8 profiles and 4 bending forms contribute considerably to an increase in production capacity. With this unique oven two tables can be charged simultaneously.

The fullautomatic bending tabel regulates with 19 servo axles by display the whole bending process. The bending radius is entered; the radius adjustment system positions the chuck element and the fixtures. The profile bar is inserted together with the outward form. The belt slides along the outer form of the elastic profile which is then fixed laterally with clamping lever and the pressing plate from above. This results the optimum bending quality.

The bending machine opens automatically after the set cooling time Because FUX profile bending machines work „dry“ and clean, it is possible to set up these machines in all production areas. Many arches like half round arches, round arches, arches with straight sides, segment arches, positive and negative arches as well as different special forms can be produced with this machine.

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