Profile Laminating Machine 83-PLM-317

This model variation was newly developed and designed especially for process safety and faster set-up times.
With this machine profiles made of plastic, PVC, wood, metal and aluminium can be coated with foil and lamination films from a roll product and can be continuously coated.
 Machine base frame with drive shafts and bearings on both ends. 27 shafts driven directly by spur gears every 200 mm. Speed rollers Ø 190 mm.
With the Office Control System all production relevant data (temperatures, speed, production running meters, etc.) are collected and stored in a data base. This ensures that all production processes are accurately traceable.
The remote maintenance system of the machine software enables immediate technical support.
The Opti Prime System – 6 electronically controlled primer pumps is dosing accurately to the gram (Control of the application amount in g/m²) all primer types on the market. Additionally the primer application is controlled by CCTV camera.
The primer drying is done by a central high performance blower unit (600m³/h) which supplies 6 air heaters. The  drying system is speed dependently controlled in terms of temperature.

The new nozzle 317 consists of extremely hard special steel and is very easy to maintain. With the Easy-Clean System a fast cleaning and exchange of piston is guaranteed. The control of the glue application in g/m², the coating width in mm and the nozzle position is done fully automatically.

With the quick adjusting systems Quick Lock Roll, Quick Change Roll, Quick Slide Guide, Quick Slide Drive the set-up times are reduced to a minimum.

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